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Now that the number of foreigners visiting Japan is returning to pre-Covid-19 levels, I am aware that there are still many foreigners who need support. Compared to other countries, I
still see many people in Japan who cannot respond satisfactorily to their questions.

When foreigners use shops and clinics, they often search for English-speaking places beforehand on Google before deciding. My ideal is for foreigners to be able to use a shop or clinic without having to go to the trouble of searching on Google, so that wherever they go, English is understood and they can use the shop or clinic with peace of mind.

<Until now>

Foreigners who had trouble finding their way around town, foreigners who had trouble understanding the language at the clinic reception, inbounds who did not know how to buy a ticket from the JR ticket machine, foreigners who had trouble getting through to the staff at the coffee shop to pay by credit card, inbounds who gave up when their order at a restaurant was not communicated to the waiter, etc.  I have assisted foreigners who had problems in various places.


<Management Philosophy>

Always act from the customer's point of view.

・Always keep an eye on what the customer wants.

・Always remember to smile and respond with the best hospitality spirit.


My mission is to provide "peace of mind".

"Peace of mind" naturally makes people smile.

My mission is to support our clients to relieve their anxiety and feel at ease while they are adjusting to life in a new place.


​Kindergarten-elementary school lower grades


​High school


University (4 years)




​22 years old



​23 years old


​25 years old



​27 years old



​28 years old


​29 years old


Age of 30​s



Age of ​40s

​Spent time in Venezuela in South America due to my father's overseas assignment.

​ Attending a local American school.


​Transferred to a high school in the United States (Ohio) due to my father's overseas assignment.

Receive livelihood support locally.


Entered a private university in the United States (Ohio).

Worked for half a year at a Japanese company in the US as an internship.

Returned to Japan after graduating from university. Worked as a translator and an English tutor.


​Joined a foreign company. Worked as a sales assistant.


​ Retired from a foreign company. Traveled to the United States (stayed at a friend's house).


​ After returning to Japan, I joined a business hotel. Get a job at the front desk.


​Business hotel retirement.


​ Marriage.


Worked at a Japanese company (manufacturing industry, trading company, service industry).

​ English office work, trade office work, and group assistant.


Worked at a foreign-affiliated company (financial industry/consulting).

Worked as administrator, secretary to foreigners, and secretary to Japanese executives.

​              Iori Matsue

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